(As of 6:00pm on 3/30/20). Arc + Flame Center remains closed until further notice based on NYS mandates to close businesses to combat COVID19 through social distancing. All classes next week (4/6- 4/12) are cancelled. Students will be contacted. We're taking things week-by-week to determine classes 4/13 and beyond! We will contact students registered for upcoming classes (4/13 – 4/19) next week with decisions. Stay tuned, and if you have questions please contact us either through email, Facebook, or Instagram. We will not be answering our phone, but management and administrative team is working remotely. Based on COVID-19 developments both locally and across the country, Arc + Flame has suspended all regularly scheduled classes for [Samplers/Workshops/Date Nights/Night Courses] welding, glass, smithing, and jewelry until further notice. Each student will be contacted to discuss rescheduling options or a refund. MCC Welding & Fabrication Program will be working remotely until further notice. Once the pandemic situation has cleared, we will offer multiple options for you to take the class you were scheduled for. We appreciate your consideration and understanding as we follow guidelines from the CDC and advice from the medical community to keep our faculty, students, and fellow citizens safe.

Classes: List View

The following list shows all available classes in welding, glass, smithing and jewelry. Click on any of the class titles below to read more about the class and register.



MIG Weekend Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

  • Spring 2020 Session 2: Saturday, April 25th (8am-4pm)
  • Summer 2020 Session: TBD

TIG Weekend Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

  • Spring 2020 Session: TBD

    Stick Weekend Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

    • Spring 2020 Session: Saturday, May 2nd (8am-4pm)

    Metal Sculpture Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

    • Spring 2020 Session: Saturday, May 30th (8am-4pm)

    MIG & TIG 2-Day Combo Welding Workshop $350: (2-Session Weekend Class)

    • Spring 2020 Session TBD

    MIG Night Course $495: (10 Session Evening Class) (6pm-9pm)

    • Summer 2020 Session: TBD

      TIG Night Course $495: (10 Session Evening Class) (6pm-9pm)

      • Spring 2020 Session: Apr. 21, 23, 28, 30, May 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21 (Tues. & Thurs., 6pm-9pm) (Takes place in our TIG Shop)
      • Summer 2020 Session: TBD

      NEW Stick Night Course $495: (10 Session Evening Class) (6pm-9pm)

      • Summer 2020 Session: TBD

        NEW: TIG 2-Day Intensive $350: (2-Session Weekend Class)

        • Spring 2020 Session TBD

              Career Training Program:
              Rochester Arc + Flame has partnered with Monroe Community College to offer a 20 Week Certificate program in welding and fabrication. To maximize our student’s job offers, we assist  in resume writing, employer research techniques, and mock job interviews. To date, our graduates have been hired by over 100 different Rochester area employers. Two sessions are offered each year, beginning in February and August. For information on how to apply, please email info@rocafc.com, or call 585-349-7110


              GLASS CLASSES:

              Glass Flameworking: Beads (Soft Glass):

              Glass Flameworking: Beads Sampler: $80: (3 Hour Class)

              • Saturday, April 18th (9am-12N)

              Glass Flameworking: Beads Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Saturday Class)

              • Saturday, April 25th (9am-5pm)

              Glass Flameworking: Beads Workshop | Level 2: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

              • Next Session TBD

              NEW Glass Flameworking: 2-Week Beads Night Course | Level 1a: $180: (4 Session Evening Class)

              • Spring Session: May 5, 7, 12, 14

              NEW Glass Flameworking: 2-Week Beads Night Course | Level 1b: $180: (4 Session Evening Class) (Continuation of Level 1a Course)

              • Spring Session: May 19, 21, 26, 28

                  Glass Flameworking: Beads Specialty Classes: $75-$150

                  • More Classes Coming Soon


                        Glass Flameworking: Sculpture (Boro Glass): 

                          Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Sampler: $80 (3 Hour Class)

                          • Saturday, May 2nd (9am-12N)

                          Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Specialty Sampler | Level 2: $90 (3 Hour Class)

                          • Saturday, May 2nd: Glass Magnet (2pm-5pm) 

                          Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

                          • Next Session TBD

                          Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Workshop | Level 2: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

                          • Next Session TBD

                            Glass Flameworking: Couple’s Date Night: $180: (4 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm) 

                            • (NEW Daytime Date Night) Saturday, April 18th (2pm-6pm) 
                            • Friday, May 1st (7pm-11pm)

                            Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Night Course | Level 1: $325: (8 Session Evening Class)

                            • Spring 2020 Session: TBD

                            Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Night Course | Level 2: $350: (8 Session Evening Class)

                            • Next Session: TBD

                            Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Specialty Classes


                                        Glass Fusing:

                                        Glass Fusing Sampler: $90: (3 Hour Class)

                                        • Saturday, April 18th: Geometric II (1pm-4pm)
                                        • Saturday, April 18th: Retro Plate (6pm-9pm)
                                        • Sunday, April 19th: Stacked Mosaic (1pm-4pm)
                                        • Saturday, May 16th: Paver Plate (1pm-4pm)
                                        • Saturday, May 16th: Stacked Mosaic (6pm-9pm)
                                        • Sunday, May 17th: Geometric III (1pm-4pm)

                                          Glass Fusing Couples Date Night: $180: (3 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-10pm)

                                          • Friday, April 17th: Retro Plate (7pm-10pm)
                                          • Friday, May 15th: Stacked Mosaic (7pm-10pm)
                                          Glass Fusing Specialty: $90: (3 Hour Class)
                                          • More Classes Coming Soon



                                            Glassblowing Sampler: $125: (3 Hour Class)

                                            • Saturday, April 18th: Morning (9am-12N) 
                                            • Saturday, April 18th: Afternoon (2pm-5pm) 
                                            • SUNDAY, April 19th: Morning (9am-12N)
                                            • Saturday, May 16th: Morning (9am-12N)
                                            • Saturday, May 16th: Afternoon (2pm-5pm)
                                            • SUNDAY, May 17th: Morning (9am-12N)



                                                  GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 5-Days with Mark Aspery: 5 Fussy Projects

                                                  • June 2020 Session: Monday, June 15th through Friday, June 19th, 2020 (9am-5pm each day): $775

                                                  GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 5-Days with Peter Braspenninx: Intentional Connections

                                                  • July 2020 Session: Wednesday, July 8th through Sunday, July 12th, 2020 (9am-5pm each day): $795

                                                  GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 2-Days with Matthew Parkinson: Chef Knife

                                                  • October 2020 Session: October 10th & 11th (9am-5pm each day): $395

                                                  GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 5-Days with Audra Draper: Forged Damascus Knife

                                                  • October 2020 Session: Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th, 2020 (9am-5pm each day): $845

                                                  GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 2-Days with Kevin Cashen: The Heat Treating Process

                                                  • November 2020 Session: November 21st & 22nd, 2020 (9am-5pm each day): $295

                                                  NEW! American Bladesmithing Society: Introduction to Bladesmithing: $1,450: (2-Week Course)
                                                  • November 2020 Session with JW Randall and Kevin Cashen: November 9th-20th, 2020 (8am-5pm, Mon.-Fri.)

                                                  Blacksmithing Technical Workshop Series 2020: $1,800: (11 Weekend Monthly Series)

                                                  • First Saturday and Sunday of Each Month*: January 4th & 5th, 2020 through December 5th & 6th, 2020 (9am-5pm, both days)  *There will not be class during the month of July

                                                  Blacksmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5 Hour Class)

                                                  • Thursday, April 16th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Monday, May 4th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Monday, May 18th: Horse Head (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Wednesday, May 20th: Eagle Head (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Wednesday, June 24th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Monday, July 6th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Wednesday, August 12th: Bottle Opener (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Tuesday, September 8th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Monday, October 19th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Wednesday, October 21st: Goblin (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Monday, November 2nd: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                  • Monday, November 23rd: Carving Fork (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                    • Sunday, May 10th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Saturday, June 27th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Sunday, August 16th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Sunday, September 20th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Sunday, October 18th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Saturday, October 24th: Wizard Head (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Sunday, November 29th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                    • Sunday, December 20th: Tapers (9am-5pm)

                                                    Blacksmithing Father's Day Workshop: $165: (4-Hour Class for Two People)

                                                    • Sunday, June 21st: Rail Road Spike Knife (8am-12N)
                                                    • Sunday, June 21st: Grill Set (1pm-5pm)
                                                    • April 13th & 15th: Forge Welding (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                    • September 14th & 16th: Tool Making (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • April 25th & 26th: Blacksmithing Tools (9am-5pm, both days)

                                                      Blacksmithing 6-Night Workshop: $395: (6 Session Evening Class)

                                                      • Introduction to Blacksmithing: July 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29 (Mon. & Wed., 6:30pm-10pm)
                                                        • Fundamentals of Blacksmithing: May 2020 Session: May 11th-15th, 2020 (Mon.-Fri., 9am-5pm each day)
                                                        • Fundamentals of Blacksmithing: August 2020 Session: Aug. 7th-11th, 2020 (Fri.-Tues., 9am-5pm each day)

                                                              Bladesmithing 2-Day Workshop: $275: (2 Session Weekend Class)

                                                                • Next Session TBD
                                                                  Bladesmithing 3-Day Workshop: $395: (3 Session Class)
                                                                  • Introduction to Bladesmithing: May 2020 Session: May 17, 24, 31 (Sunday, 9am-5pm)

                                                                  Bladesmithing 4-Night Workshop: $275: (4 Session Evening Class)

                                                                    • Higo Style Rustic Friction Folder: October 2020 Session: Oct. 5, 7, 12, 14 (Mon. & Wed., 6:30pm-10pm)

                                                                    Bladesmithing 6-Night Workshop: $395: (6 Session Evening Class)

                                                                    • Introduction to Bladesmithing: April 2020 Session: April 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, May 1 (Mon, Wed. & Fri., 6:30pm-10pm)

                                                                      Coppersmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5-Hour Class)

                                                                      • Next Session TBD
                                                                          • Next Session TBD

                                                                          Blacksmithing Couple’s Date Night: $180: (4-Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm)

                                                                          • Friday, May 8th: Rose
                                                                          • Saturday, May 9th: Yard Stake
                                                                          • Friday, June 26th: Rose
                                                                          • Saturday, July 18th: Grill Tools
                                                                          • Friday, July 24th: Rose
                                                                          • Friday, August 7th: Rose
                                                                          • Saturday, August 8th: Rose
                                                                          • Friday, September 4th: Rose
                                                                          • Saturday, September 12th: Plant Hanger
                                                                          • Friday, October 2nd: Rose
                                                                          • Friday, October 16th: Goblin
                                                                          • Saturday, October 31st: Goblin
                                                                          • Friday, November 6th: Rose
                                                                          • Friday, December 4th: Rose
                                                                          • Saturday, December 19th: Tree Hook



                                                                          • Next Session TBD
                                                                          • Next Session TBD


                                                                            • Monday, April 27th (6pm-9pm)  

                                                                              Metalsmithed Jewelry:

                                                                                Metalsmithed Jewelry Sampler: $90: (3 Hour Class)

                                                                                • Monday, April 20th: Cuff Bracelet (6:30pm-9:30pm)
                                                                                • Monday, May 18th: Hammered Rings (6:30pm-9:30pm)

                                                                                  Metalsmithed Jewelry Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Class)

                                                                                  • Sunday, May 10th: Intro to Bezel Settings (9am-5pm)

                                                                                    Jewelry Couple's Date Night: $180: (4 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm)

                                                                                    • Saturday, May 9th: Copper Cuff Bracelet