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NOTE: As of 3/22/21, Students must be AT LEAST 16-years of age to attend class unless otherwise noted (ie: Fusing Tike, Teen and Creative Kids Classes) OR approval from Department Director.

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The following list shows all available classes in welding, glass, smithing and jewelry. Click on any of the class titles below to read more about the class and register.


[Update April 2021] Thank you for your patience! We strive to have additional announcements on welding classes for the Summer/Fall of 2021… We are actively working to reschedule and take care of hundreds of students who had classes cancelled/postponed over this past year (*Also includes private/custom welding classes). This is a direct result of the Covid pandemic and New York State mandated shutdowns. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


MIG Weekend Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

  • More sessions coming soon

TIG Weekend Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

  • Spring 2021 Session: Saturday, April 24th (8am-4pm)
  • More sessions coming soon

    Stick Weekend Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

    • Spring 2021 Session: Saturday, April 24th (8am-4pm) 

    Metal Sculpture Workshop $190: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

    • Spring 2021 Session: Saturday, May 1st (8am-4pm)

    MIG & TIG 2-Day Combo Welding Workshop $350: (2-Session Weekend Class)

    • Next Session TBD

    MIG Night Course $495: (10 Session Evening Class) (6pm-9pm)

    • Spring 2021 Session: TBD

      TIG Night Course $495: (10 Session Evening Class) (6pm-9pm)

      • Spring 2021 Session: TBD

      NEW Stick Night Course $495: (10 Session Evening Class) (6pm-9pm)

      • Spring 2021 Session: April 20, 22, 27, 29, May 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20 (Tues. & Thurs., 6pm-9pm)

        NEW: TIG 2-Day Intensive $350: (2-Session Weekend Class)

        • Next Session TBD

              Career Training Program:
              Rochester Arc + Flame has partnered with Monroe Community College to offer a 20 Week Certificate program in welding and fabrication. To maximize our student’s job offers, we assist  in resume writing, employer research techniques, and mock job interviews. To date, our graduates have been hired by over 100 different Rochester area employers. Two sessions are offered each year, beginning in February and August. For information on how to apply, please email, or call 585-349-7110


              GLASS CLASSES:

              Glass Flameworking: Beads (Soft Glass):

              Glass Flameworking: Beads Sampler: $80: (3 Hour Class)

              • Saturday, April 17th (9am-12N)
              • Saturday, May 15th (9am-12N)

              Glass Flameworking: Beads Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Saturday Class)

              • Next Session TBD

              Glass Flameworking: Beads Workshop | Level 2: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

              • Next Session TBD

              NEW Glass Flameworking: 2-Week Beads Night Course | Level 1a: $180: (4 Session Evening Class)

              • Next Session TBD

              NEW Glass Flameworking: 2-Week Beads Night Course | Level 1b: $180: (4 Session Evening Class) (Continuation of Level 1a Course)

              • Next Session TBD

                  Glass Flameworking: Beads Specialty Classes: $75-$150

                  • More Classes Coming Soon


                        Glass Flameworking: Sculpture (Boro Glass): 

                          Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Sampler: $80 (3 Hour Class)

                          • Saturday, May 8th  (9am-12N)
                          • Saturday, June 5th  (9am-12N)

                            Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

                            • Saturday, June 12th (10am-6pm)

                            Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Workshop | Level 2: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

                            • Saturday, June 19th (10am-6pm)

                              Glass Flameworking: Couple’s Date Night: $180: (4 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm) 

                              • Saturday, May 8th  (2:00pm-6:00pm)**AFTERNOON session
                              • Saturday, June 5th  (2:00pm-6:00pm)**AFTERNOON session

                              Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Night Course | Level 1: $325: (8 Session Evening Class)

                              • Next Session TBD

                              Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Night Course | Level 2: $350: (8 Session Evening Class)

                              • June 2020 Session: June 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23 (6pm-9pm, Mon, Wed. & Fri.) 

                              Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Specialty Classes

                              • Next Session TBD


                                          Glass Fusing:

                                          Glass Fusing Creative Kids Workshop: $45: (2 Hour Morning Class)

                                          • Saturday, April 17th: Sun Catcher (10am-12N)
                                          • Saturday, June 5th: Confetti Plate (10am-12N)
                                          • Saturday, August 21st: Stacked Plate (10am-12N)
                                          • Saturday, October 16th: Sun Catcher (10am-12N)

                                            Glass Fusing Sampler: $90: (3 Hour Class)

                                            • Saturday, April 17th: Stacked Mosaic (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, April 17th: Geometric Plate (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, May 15th: Sushi Plate (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, May 15th: Black & White (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, June 5th: Paver Plate (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, June 5th: Quilt Square Plate (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, July 17th: Quilt Square Plate (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, July 17th: Paver Plate (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, August 21st: Black & White (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, August 21st: Ice Bowl (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, September 18th: Retro Plate (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, September 18th: Stacked Mosaic (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, October 16th: Haunted House (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, October 16th: Halloween Plate (6pm-9pm)
                                            • Saturday, November 20th: Christmas Ornaments OR Plate (1pm-4pm)
                                            • Saturday, November 20th: Christmas Ornaments OR Plate (6pm-9pm)

                                              Glass Fusing Couples Date Night: $180: (3 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-10pm)

                                              • Friday, April 16th: Stacked Mosaic (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, May 14th: Sushi Plate (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, June 4th: Paver Plate (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, July 16th: Quilt Square Plate (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, August 20th: Black & White (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, September 17th: Stacked Mosaic (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, October 15th: Halloween Plate (7pm-10pm)
                                              • Friday, November 19th: Christmas Ornaments OR Plate (7pm-10pm)
                                              Glass Fusing Specialty: $90: (3 Hour Class)
                                              • Next Session TBD


                                                      GUEST INSTRUCTOR: American Bladesmithing Society: Introduction to Bladesmithing with Scott McGhee (2 Week Course)

                                                      • April 2021 Session: April 19th - April 30th (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm): $1450

                                                      GUEST INSTRUCTOR: Ellen Durkan 5-Day Workshop: Apocalyptic Forged Fashion

                                                      • July 2021 Session: Monday, July 12th, 2021 through Friday, July 16th 2021 (9am-5pm each day)

                                                      GUEST INSTRUCTOR: American Bladesmithing Society: Handle and Guard Design with Brion Tomberlin

                                                      • August 2021 Session: August 9th - August 13th (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm): $795

                                                      Blacksmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5 Hour Class)

                                                      • Thursday, April 15th: Blacksmith Garden Knife (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Tuesday, May 4th: Star Wars Key Fob (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Thursday, May 13th: Pie Shovel (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Friday, May 21st: Forged Nails (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Tuesday, May 25th: Towel Holder (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Thursday, June 3rd: Infinity Key Fob (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Monday, June 7th: Ice Cream Spoon (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Wednesday, June 9th: Duck Bottle Opener (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                      • Tuesday, June 15th: Smiling Bunny Bottle Opener (6:30pm-10pm)
                                                        • Saturday, April 24th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                        • Saturday, May 1st: Twists (9am-5pm)
                                                        • Sunday, May 2nd: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                        • Saturday, June 5th: Punches, Chisels & Heat Treatment (9am-5pm)
                                                        • Sunday, June 6th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
                                                          • Sunday, June 20th Session: RR Spike Knife (8am-12pm)
                                                          • Sunday, June 20th Session: Grill Set (1pm-5pm)

                                                           Blacksmithing 1.5-Day Workshop: $225: (2 Session Class)

                                                          • June 2021: Forge Welding: Friday, Jun. 25th (6pm-9pm) & Saturday, Jun. 26th (9am-5pm)

                                                          Blacksmithing 2-Night Workshop: $165: (2 Session Evening Class)

                                                          • April 2021 Session: Tapers: Monday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 14th (6:30pm-10pm)

                                                          Blacksmithing 2-Day Workshop: $275: (2 Session Weekend Class)

                                                            • May 2021 Session: Hammer Making/Blacksmith Tools: Saturday, May 22nd & Sunday, May 23rd (9am-5pm)

                                                            Blacksmithing 6-Night Workshop: $395: (6 Session Evening Class)

                                                            • June 2021 Session: June 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30 (6:30pm-10pm, Mon. & Wed.)
                                                              • Saturday, April 17th: Cheese Knife
                                                              • Friday, May 7th: Rose
                                                              • Saturday, May 15th: Pizza Cutter
                                                              • Friday, June 4th: Rose
                                                              • Saturday, June 12th: Heart Hook



                                                              • Next Session TBD
                                                              • Sunday, May 23rd (9am-5pm)


                                                                  • Monday, April 26th (6pm-9pm)
                                                                  • Monday, May 24th (6pm-9pm)

                                                                    Metalsmithed Jewelry:

                                                                      Metalsmithed Jewelry Sampler: $90: (3 Hour Class)

                                                                      • Monday, May 17th: Hammered Rings (6pm-9pm)

                                                                        Metalsmithed Jewelry Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Class)

                                                                        • Saturday, May 8th: Bezel Setting (9am-5pm)

                                                                          Jewelry Couple's Date Night: $180: (4 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm)

                                                                          • Friday, May 7th: Hammered Rings