Career Welding & Fabrication Program


1st Step:

Call 585.349.7110, email, or fill out the admissions online form and provide us YOUR FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL. We will send you an email that includes comprehensive details and attachments about the program, expectations, and policies. After you read through this information, reply to our email if interested in booking a final interview.

Attend a Final Interview Session:

Final interviews last approximately 2-hours and can be scheduled as in-person interviews at Arc + Flame, or remote interviews through Google Meet. Interviews take place during business hours, Monday through Friday. You will do 4 things as part of the process (*All of this and more will be further discussed): Submit a resume, complete a math quiz, submit answers to our essay questionnaire, and complete the 1-on-1 interview with an admissions team member. Arc + Flame admissions team will then evaluate your performance, and provide a decision.

The program has two DAYTIME options (20-week program) and a NIGHT course (40-week program). Both formats feature identical curriculum and tuition costs. 

The DAYTIME programs run from September to January, and February to June. Classes run Monday through Friday, and there is a morning session (7:30am-12N) OR afternoon session (1pm-5:30pm). Students attend one session or the other, they do not attend each.

The NIGHT program runs from August to June, and takes place two nights a week (6pm-10pm) and one Saturday (7:30am-4:00pm) each month. There are also 4-6x total Sunday classes (7:30am-4:00pm) spread out over the 10-month span.


Intensive welder training designed to provide skills needed for entry level employment

Brand new Miller Welding equipment (welding machines are changed every 6 months)

Morning and Afternoon Sessions: 7:30am-12:00N and 1pm-5:30pm (Students attend one or the other)

Certificate granted by Monroe Community College

All training is at Rochester Arc + Flame Center

5+ Instructors team teach the program. There is always a 1:8 ratio of instructors to students (2 instructors for 16 students).

Total Cost= $10,450

Sallie Mae Private Loans are available to pay tuition

The program includes:

  • Gear valued at over $800
  • All materials and supplies
  • American Welding Society 1-year Membership
  • Tooling-U Online Membership for duration of program
  • Minimum of 6 AWS qualification tests (testing fees included in tuition)
  • Power tool safety 
  • Abrasive use and safety 
  • OSHA 10-hour Course (Includes OSHA 10 Card)
  • Shop mathematics
  • Weld inspection and quality control
  • Blueprint reading
  • Fabrication techniques
  • Interviewing skills and resume writing
  • Job research techniques

Payment can be made with a check made payable to Monroe Community College, credit card, and/or student loan through an approved lending company such as Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo. Payment from a "529 Savings Plan" is also accepted.

Unfortunately, financial aid through FAFSA, PELL, or TAP along with GI Bill/ Veteran Benefits are not eligible for this program.

Bank loans or a student loan from a lending company such as Sallie Mae are available options for finance if you are accepted into the program. Click here for more information. Student loans are NOT based on financial need. Student loan approval is generally based on your credit score/history, and ability to repay the loan.

Organizations such as RochesterWorks and ACCES-VR do have some funding options available for qualified candidates in Monroe County. Various counties in New York have other workforce development/agencies that may offer grants for industry certificate training. Research those organizations in your area and follow their steps to determine eligibility and approval.

Unfortunately, no. Financial aid through FAFSA, PELL, or TAP along with the GI Bill/ Veteran Benefits are not eligible methods of paying for this program.

No. Westronglyadvise students have the equivalent of a high school diploma, but it is not required. Although we do not have an educational requirement, we do have a formal admissions process where we evaluate each candidate in a 1-on-1 interview format that also includes a math quiz, writing assessment, and resume evaluation.

No. We have many students that attend our program directly after completing high school (17-19+ years of age), and students in their 50's switching careers and/or combining this welding education for their existing career. Our main age bracket of students tends to be between 20 and 30 years of age.

For younger applicants (under the age of 18): Reliable transportation/ method of arriving to and from class each day is imperative.  Also, most manufacturing and construction based companies require employees to be at least 18 years of age.

If you do not have a driver's license, establishing a standard bus route or system of getting to/from class is critical. 

Yes. Rochester Tech Park Connection Hub on Buffalo Road. It is slightly less than 1-mile from Arc + Flame, so a walk is involved. Please refer toRTS Maps and Schedulesfor current drop/pickup times.

You will have 30 minutes to complete 27 questions in the math quiz. No calculator.

The quiz will have the following topics:

  • addition and subtraction, multiplication and long division
  • adding and subtracting fractions
  • adding and subtracting decimals
  • converting decimals to fractions, and vice versa,
  • 1 trig question
  • Some word problems

Our main advice would be to ensure you know how to make common denominators when adding/subtracting fractions. All without a calculator! Here's a good site to practice:

Approximately 10-15hrs each week. The daytime program (morning or afternoon) involves 22.5 class hours each week. Including homework, this program is approximately a 37.5hr weekly commitment. Please plan accordingly based on current employment and personal obligations.

No, unfortunately not at this current time.

You will have an industry certificate career training diploma from the Monroe Community College and a minimum of 6 American Welding Society Qualification tests passed. Once you have completed the required six tests, you will have the ability to specialize your testing (time permitting, while in class) based on the industry you aspire to join. Your AWS qualification tests will be printed on your MCC diploma.

There are THOUSANDS of individual qualification tests (through organizations such as American Welding Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, etc.) that are industry specific based on material details and welding processes. Your specific training may be relevant in one field, but not in another. The phrase "certified welder" is a very general statement, that doesn't account for specific industries and the requirements of testing involved.

Keep in mind, every company (upon hiring, and often throughout your career) will re-test you based on competency evaluation, state/government mandates, and liability/insurance purposes. 

For additional information, contact Welding Director, Kevin Adair, at 585-750-6225.

No. Entry level welding employment is the goal of the program, but isNOTguaranteed. We have a very strong record of placement, but results vary based on each individual student and their aptitude, attitude, and work ethic. On average, 80% of our graduates generally obtain employment within 3 months (or less) after completing the program. Arc + Flame aims to have at least 6 employers visit/present to students each semester. We also have an internal job board through Google Classroom to help connect students with local employers! To date, our graduates have worked for over 100+ unique companies across 20+ states. 

No. We provide required safety gear for each student as part of the tuition cost. The gear is yours to use during the program and to keep. This includes (but is not limited to) a helmet, jacket, gloves, safety glasses, respirator, gear bag, hand tools, and grinder.

We advise you purchase (if you don't already have) a comfortable pair of work boots. Steel-toe is not required, but encouraged.

Some characteristics the admissions team looks for when interviewing candidates include: A strong aptitude and competency for building, fixing, and repairing things with your hands (*doesn't have to be work/career related). This can include (but is not limited to) a passion and competency for mechanics, construction, home renovations, wood working, advanced cooking, soldering, and electronics. Be prepared to discuss previous experiences with specific examples on projects and equipment/materials used. Prior welding experience is not a requirement, but candidates should absolutely research the industry and field to have an understanding of what they are getting into with this program.

A strong candidate should provide demonstration of finishing projects, obligations, jobs, and responsibilities through experience with work, volunteer duties, or extra curriculars. We are looking for individuals who are responsible, dependable, and committed to starting and finishing projects and tasks.

A specific plan and thought put towards how a candidate will be successful not only during the course, but outside of their time in the program. This includes discussing logistics surrounding your transportation, planned study regiment (homework/reading), support system of family/friends, and how you will maintain financial and personal obligations WHILE you are in class.

A strong performance on the admissions essay, math quiz, and resume.

Dress what you'll be confident in, but don't wear pajamas or overly casual clothing. We recommend dressing for "work", whether that's shop attire including jeans, boots, and a button-up-shirt or office attire/ business casual (ie: pants, polo, dress shirt, dress, etc.). Formal attire such as a suite and tie or pantsuit is not required.