Career Welding & Fabrication Program


Welders are in demand in countless industries. Decades of few new workers entering the trades have left vocations like welding with an aging workforce and shortage of qualified people. Mahany Welding Supply and Rochester Arc and Flame have partnered with Monroe Community College to offer a Certificate program to help Rochester area workers get the relevant training they need to get jobs in the exciting and rewarding field of welding.

The RocAFC Career Welding & Fabrication Program is a 20-week job readiness course that runs weekly for 360 course hours and features training for MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Stick welding processes. Course curriculum combines a rigorous amount of hands-on learning, academic lectures, written assignments, quizzes and tests, collaborative group projects and print reading. Students also take a 10-hour OSHA training session and classes in resume writing, interviewing and mathematics.

On-site AWS Qualification training and testing is conducted to give students the ability to specialize in areas that will help them obtain their desired career. On average, most students graduate with two-dozen or more qualifications. AWS Qualification testing is included in the course price. Tuition also includes professional welding gear valued at over $700 for each student to use during the program and on the job.

We also work with companies looking to hire skilled fabricators or need to train current employees for specific qualifications. RocAFC Welding & Fabrication Certificate Program’s students become excellent assets to employers specifically in the greater Rochester area. To date, our graduates have been hired by over 40 different Rochester area employers.

 "From the first day on the job, I felt I was more than prepared to handle the tasks at hand." Quote from Greg Lalley, Certificate Program Graduate and Professional Pipefitter/Welder.


Course cost is $7,750. Our next class starts FEBRUARY 2017. The admissions process has already begun and will conclude DECEMBER 2016. Spots are limited to 32 students each semester. CALL or EMAIL today to begin the enrollment process. 

NOTE: Admissions is extremely competitive. For the best opportunity, please contact us at least 4 months in advance of the class start date. We run a SEPTEMBER and FEBRUARY session annually. 



Additional Resources:

Career Training GMAW 1 (MIG Welding) Summary:

Topics Include:

  • Welder Safety 
  • The GMAW Process
  • GMAW Equipment 
  • GMAW Equipment Set-up
  • MIG Guns and consumables
  • MIG Filler Metals
  • MIG Shielding Gases
  • Process Variables: Volts & Amps
  • GMAW Carbon steel in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions 
  • Identifying weld defects and correcting them
  • Troubleshooting GMAW Equipment
  • Plasma Cutting Theory and Safety
  • Plasma Cutting Equipment and Consumables
  • Plasma Cutting Techniques

Career Training GTAW 1 (TIG Welding) Summary:

Topics Include:

  • The GTAW Process
  • GTAW Equipment
  • GTAW Equipment Set-up 
  • GTAW torches and consumables 
  • Tungsten types and proper sharpening
  • GTAW Filler Metals
  • GTAW Shielding Gases
  • Understanding DC Output
  • GTAW Carbon steel in flat, horizontal, vertical positions
  • Indentifying weld defects and correcting them
  • Troubleshooting GTAW equipment
  • Oxy/Fuel Theory and Safety
  • Oxy/Fuel Equipment
  • Oxy/Fuel Cutting, & Heating Techniques

Career Training SMAW 1 (Stick Welding) Summary:

Topics Include:
  • The SMAW Process
  • SMAW Equipment
  • SMAW Equipment Set-up 
  • SMAW Cables and accessories
  • SMAW Electrodes
  • Understanding AC vs DC Output for Stick Welding
  • SMAW Carbon steel in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions
  • Indentifying weld defects and correcting them
  • Troubleshooting SMAW equipment
  • Abrasive Chop Saws: Safety and proper use
  • Angle Grinders: Safety and proper use
  • Iron Worker: Safety and proper use
  • Band Saw: Safety and proper use
  • Understanding and using measuring tools

Career Training GMAW 2 Summary: 

Topics Include:
  • Spray-arc welding applications
  • Flux-core welding applications
  • Metal-core welding applications
  • Stainless Steel welding applications
  • Aluminum welding applications
  • Capstone projects
  • Qualification Tests

Career Training GTAW 2 Summary: 

Topics Include:
  • GTAW stainless steel applications
  • GTAW aluminum applications
  • GTAW exotics applications
  • Capstone projects
  • Qualification Tests

Career Training Blue Prints/ Weld Symbols/ Quality of Welds Summary: 

Topics Include:
  • American Welding Society weld symbols
  • Shop blue prints
  • Field blue prints
  • Deficiencies: Causes and Cures
  • Workplace tolerances
  • Dimensioning
  • Fillet Gauge application