(Update as of 8/5/20) Arc + Flame is still not cleared to run any recreational classes for the general public, including open torch flameworking. This is based entirely on New York State’s mandates pertaining to COVID. Our center is open for retail and walk-in customers from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Our MCC Welding & Fabrication Industry Certificate Program is cleared to run, both for the current semester and the upcoming semester starting in September. Please read our re-open plan for more details!

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    GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 5-Days with Mark Aspery: 5 Fussy Projects

    • *Postponed to Fall 2020: Dates TBD: $775

      GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 2-Days with Matthew Parkinson: Chef Knife

      • October 2020 Session: October 10th & 11th (9am-5pm each day): $395

      GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 5-Days with Audra Draper: Forged Damascus Knife

      • October 2020 Session: Monday, October 26th through Friday, October 30th, 2020 (9am-5pm each day): $845

      GUEST INSTRUCTOR: 2-Days with Kevin Cashen: The Heat Treating Process

      • November 2020 Session: November 21st & 22nd, 2020 (9am-5pm each day): $295

      NEW! American Bladesmithing Society: Introduction to Bladesmithing: $1,450: (2-Week Course)

      • November 2020 Session with JW Randall and Kevin Cashen: November 9th-20th, 2020 (8am-5pm, Mon.-Fri.)

      Blacksmithing Technical Workshop Series 2020: $1,800: (11 Weekend Monthly Series)

      • First Saturday and Sunday of Each Month*: January 4th & 5th, 2020 through December 5th & 6th, 2020 (9am-5pm, both days)  *There will not be class during the month of July

            Blacksmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5 Hour Class)

            • Wednesday, August 12th: Bottle Opener (6:30pm-10pm)
            • Tuesday, September 8th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
            • Monday, October 19th: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
            • Wednesday, October 21st: Goblin (6:30pm-10pm)
            • Monday, November 2nd: Wall Hook (6:30pm-10pm)
            • Monday, November 23rd: Carving Fork (6:30pm-10pm)
              • Sunday, August 16th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
              • Sunday, September 20th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
              • Sunday, October 18th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
              • Saturday, October 24th: Wizard Head (9am-5pm)
              • Sunday, November 29th: Tapers (9am-5pm)
              • Sunday, December 20th: Tapers (9am-5pm)

                         Blacksmithing 2-Night Workshop: $165: (2 Session Evening Class)

                        • September 14th & 16th: Tool Making (6:30pm-10pm)
                        • Next Session TBD

                            Bladesmithing 2-Day Workshop: $275: (2 Session Weekend Class)

                              • Next Session TBD
                              Bladesmithing 3-Day Workshop: $395: (3 Session Class)
                              • Next Session TBD

                              Bladesmithing 4-Night Workshop: $275: (4 Session Evening Class)

                                • Higo Style Rustic Friction Folder: October 2020 Session: Oct. 5, 7, 12, 14 (Mon. & Wed., 6:30pm-10pm)

                                Bladesmithing 6-Night Workshop: $395: (6 Session Evening Class)

                                • Next Session TBD

                                Coppersmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5-Hour Class)

                                • Next Session TBD
                                    • Next Session TBD
                                    • Friday, July 24th: Rose
                                    • Friday, August 7th: Rose
                                    • Saturday, August 8th: Rose
                                    • Friday, September 4th: Rose
                                    • Saturday, September 12th: Plant Hanger
                                    • Friday, October 2nd: Rose
                                    • Friday, October 16th: Goblin
                                    • Saturday, October 31st: Goblin
                                    • Friday, November 6th: Rose
                                    • Friday, December 4th: Rose
                                    • Saturday, December 19th: Tree Hook