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    GUEST INSTRUCTORS: Winter/Spring 2022 coming soon! 

    • TBD

        Blacksmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5 Hour Class)

        • Monday, November 8th: Letter Opener (6:30pm-10pm)
        • Monday, November 15th: Carving Fork (6:30pm-10pm)
        • Monday, November 29th: Bottle Opener (6:30pm-10pm)

             Blacksmithing 1.5-Day Workshop: $225: (2 Session Class)

            • Next Session TBD

              Blacksmithing 2-Day Workshop: $295: (2 Session Weekend Class)

              • November 2021 Session: 2-Day Intro to Blacksmithing Workshop: Saturday, Nov. 6th, and Sunday, Nov. 7th (9am-5pm, both days)
              • December 2021 Session: 2-Day Blacksmithing Tools Workshop: Saturday, Dec. 4th, and Sunday, Dec. 5th (9am-5pm, both days)
                  Bladesmithing 2-Day Workshop: $295: (2 Session Class)
                  • Next Session TBD

                    Bladesmithing 3-Day Workshop: $395: (3 Session Class)

                    • November 2021 Session: Introduction to Bladesmithing: Friday, Nov. 26th - Sunday, Nov. 28th (9am-5pm each day)
                    • Next Session TBD

                    Coppersmithing Sampler: $80: (3.5 Hour Class)

                    • Monday, December 27th: Bracelet (6:30pm-10pm)
                    • Next Session TBD
                    • Sunday, November 21st: Decorative Copper I (9am-5pm)
                    • Sunday, December 19th: Decorative Copper II (9am-5pm)
                            • Next Session TBD

                            Blacksmithing Couple’s Date Night: $180: (4-Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm *Unless otherwise noted)

                            • Friday, November 5th: Rose
                            • Saturday, November 13th: Trivet
                            • Friday, December 3rd: Rose
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