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  • Next Session TBD
  • Saturday, January 29th (9am-5pm)
  • Sunday, April 17th (9am-5pm)
  • Sunday, June 5th (9am-5pm)


    • Tuesday, February 8th  
    • Thursday, February 24th
    • Tuesday, March 15th
    • Thursday, March 31st 
    • Tuesday, April 12th
    • Thursday, May 19th 

          Metalsmithed Jewelry:

            Metalsmithed Jewelry Sampler: $90: (3 Hour Class)

            • Next Session TBD

              Metalsmithed Jewelry Workshop: $180: (8 Hour Class)

              • Next Session TBD

              Metalsmithed Jewelry 2-Night Workshop: $180: (2 Session Class)

              • Next Session TBD

                Jewelry Couple's Date Night: $200: (4 Hour Evening Class for a Couple)

                • Friday, February 4th: Copper Cuff Bracelet (7pm-11pm)
                • Friday, February 11th: Hammered Rings (7pm-11pm)
                • Friday, April 1st: Hammered Rings (7pm-11pm)
                • Friday, June 3rd: Copper Cuff Bracelet (7pm-11pm)
                • Friday, July 1st: Hammered Rings (7pm-11pm)
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