Tapers (Skill Builder)

Learn the fundamentals of hammer control and drawing out stock. Tapering is simply a gradual reduction in cross section toward a set point in the material. It is the primary skill of a blacksmith and a bladesmith. Since blades are composed of complex tapers this class is a prerequisite for anyone interested in taking knife classes at the Rochester Arc + Flame Center. (Open to all levels. If you already have forging experience and would like to attend a bladesmithing class, contact the Blacksmithing Director at blacksmithing@rocafc.com to discuss dismissal of this requirement)


Tongs (Skill Builder)

Tongs are critical tools for the blacksmith. They must securely hold blistering hot steel while the iron is worked under the hammer yet be light and agile. A set of tongs will run $30 to $60 each and one needs dozens to fit a variety of stock sizes and tasks. Being able to make your own is an invaluable skill for any budding smith. (Open to all levels.)


Twists (Skill Builder)

Learn the fundamentals of collaring, one of the traditional joinery techniques used in blacksmithing. Our experienced instructors will use a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on time to enhance your experience. This series is designed as a skill building endeavor to prepare students to be able to take their projects to the next level. This session will focus on joining multiple items with collars. We'll explore how to calculate the amount of collar material they'll need, how to form and decorate them and finally how to hot fit them. (Open to all levels.)



Learn the fundamentals of tool making. This session will focus on how to make some of the basic tools in every smithy's tool box and how to heat treat them appropriately for their intended uses. Students will start with a simple center punch and move on to chisels and punches as time permits. (Open to all levels)



Learn the various ways one can add flow to a project by adding visual elegance to your designs with simple curves. Students will create a collection of various scrolls to take home with them. (Open to all levels)


Kitten Themed Hooks and Key Chains

Celebrate Kitten Day by immortalizing your kitten in metal. Learn to create not only a cat form out of metal by hot forging but also the tooling needed make more!  The class will go over the basic operations of creating the required decorative tooling.  Once the tools are finished the student will use their new tools to create a cat hook or key fob to test them.(Open to all levels)


Wizard Head

This 8 hour workshop will cover the process and allow for the smith to forge a Wizard Head from 1/2 inch bar steel. The focus, being on the form and careful application of tool and hammer blows. A demonstration of how to make the tools for the process is included. This workshop is available to any skill level. Time and the abilities of the smith will dictate what is accomplished during the session. (Open to all levels)

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