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Open Fuse includes:

  • All necessary equipment (i.e. cutters, molds, kiln paper, kiln wash, cleaner, adhesives…)
  • Safety equipment.
  • A staff member will be on hand to answer questions and serve as a guide.
  • Glass and embellishments will be made available for purchase.

Not included:

  • Any mounting, hardware, or accessories.

Students are responsible for:

  • Providing manufacturer’s suggested fusing schedules to the studio at the time of firing. If such information is not provided, items will be fused using studio standard firing schedules.  Rochester Arc and Flame reserves the right to refuse to fire materials brought in from outside sources and bears no liability if such items are unsuccessfully fused in our kilns. Due to the nature of the art medium, results cannot be guaranteed. The student agrees to accept their product, regardless of the outcome of their project and agrees to pay the studio fees without exception.
  •  Cleaning their area and putting away all tools and equipment before leaving.
  •  Cleaning and picking up their own work. Wrapping will not be provided.
  •  If student provides their own mold, the mold must be cleared by the instructor.

Artwork will be fired and ready generally within a week depending upon the volume of work to be fired in the studio.

Working with, designing, and/or creating objects during this session may introduce the students to certain risks for injury, directly or indirectly. Products used during the firing of your project may introduce harmful toxins and/or side affects that cannot be anticipated by the instructors or owners/operators of Rochester Arc and Flame Center. All safety procedures and/or equipment will be provided; however use of this equipment is not mandated. Failure to use any provided safety equipment or procedures is done at the student’s discretion and at the student’s risk.