GTAW Welding Workshop (8 Hours)

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ATTENTION: Students must be AT LEAST 16-years of age to attend any recreational class at our facility, unless otherwise specified.

If you have a question about the facility or registering for a class, please call Arc + Flame directly at 585-349-7110.

Safety is our number one concern at Rochester Arc + Flame Center. Please contact us at 585-349-7110 before registering for classes., If you have any concerns pertaining to your hearing, vision, hand dexterity, or mental health, or any other disability that would impact your ability to participate in class.

Students are required to wear boots or sneakers that cover their whole foot, jeans or long pants that cover your whole leg & ankle, and a t-shirt that covers their shoudlers.

Please do not wear flammable materials such as Nylon or Synthetics.

Please do not wear sandals, crocks, open toed shoes, shorts, or dresses.

For the safety of our students and teachers, failure to comply may result in being unable to participate in the class. 

GTAW Welding Workshop (8 Hours)


GTAW (TIG) WELDING: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, this is a welding process that utilizes a non-consumable Tungsten electrode to create an electric arc. TIG Welding is capable of precise, high-quality welds. This can be a challenging but versatile process for joining a wide variety of metal.

Our 8-hour workshops are an excellent way for beginners to learn TIG welding. Using a combination of lecture (30%) and hands-on training (70%), our experienced instructors will review safety protocol, equipment setup & use, and TIG welding techniques. These one day "crash courses" will give students the knowledge and confidence needed to start experimenting and working with this fun, but challenging metal joining process.

Our modern facility boasts 16 welding stations so each student can work independently. All equipment is well-maintained, state-of-the-art, and easy to operate. All safety equipment, tools, and welding materials are included in the price.

See topics covered below for more details.

  • Welder Safety
  • GTAW Welding Process
  • GTAW Equipment: Component descriptions
  • Setting up the GTAW System
  • Setting the controls for the metal to be welded
  • GTAW filler metal and shielding gases
  • Demonstrations of GMAW, SMAW, plasma cutting (time permitting)
  • Students will receive their own gloves, safety glasses, and ear plugs.
  • All materials included in price.
  • Students will use Arc + Flame owned auto darkening welding helmets and jackets during the course

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