Soft Glass Specialty: Beads from Bottles

Product Description

Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Did you ever look at a beautiful bottle and wonder if you could use it to make beads? Here’s your chance to try!

“Beads From Bottles” is an experiment-based class in which you will learn basic strategies and techniques for transforming bottle glass into rods, using those rods to make beads, and annealing them.

Because you will be working with unknown glass, some interesting things can happen. There are no guarantees for success, but trying is a lot of fun

Bring a couple of pretty bottles (wine bottle size), preferably of different types, to class.

Please note that this is not a beginners’ class. You will be working with big gathers, using careful heat control, and making beads independently.

Class is taught by senior glass instructor Phil Rogerson


  • 3 hour class period: 6pm-9pm
  • Experience required: RocAFC Soft Glass Night Course or equivalency 
  • All materials and safety equipment included
  • Complimentary coffee and vending machines available

Class Schedule: 

  • Spring/Summer 2017 Date TBD
  • Next Session TBD

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