Bladesmithing Multi-Day Workshop

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NOTE: Students under the age of 16 MUST contact Arc + Flame Blacksmithing Director (Candace Martens) for an evaluation prior to enrolling in a smithing class. Candace can be reached at or 585-617-9644. 

NOTE: Students need to have prior forging experience, such as our Skill Builder Workshop: Tapers, to get the most out of this class. Please contact us if you are concerned about your prerequisite experience!

Intro to Blades: You will be creating a drop point hunting knife. The goal is to
provide you with a wonderful conversation piece and functional knife. In this
introductory class the students will choose a blade pattern then forge high
carbon steel to match. Each student will forge 2-4 blanks. The best blank will
then be filed or ground as needed. The fundamentals of heat treating blades
will be covered. The heat treated blade will be sharpened, polished and be
finished with a para-cord handle.

For those who took the Damascus Billet workshop you can bring that to use.

RocAFC Bladesmithing Workshops are a keen way to learn and explore creating
knives. Our experienced instructors will use a combination of lecture,
demonstration and hands-on instruction at the forge to enhance your learning

These classes are designed as skill building endeavors that focus on the
fundamental techniques used in working high carbon steel. Students will work
on building the skills needed to be able to forge a knife blank, grind, heat treat
and sharpen it.

NOTE: Bladesmithing Classes are very interactive and involve significant
physical activity. Please make sure to wear close-toed sneakers or boots, jeans
and a cotton t-shirt. Do NOT wear flip-flops, open toed shoes or highly
flammable clothing. If you any have concerns with your vision, hearing, hand
dexterity or mental health please contact Arc + Flame Center at 585-349-7110
before signing up for this class. We want to ensure the best possible class
experience for all of our students!


    • 5 - 5-hour class periods: 8:00am-1:00pm
    • Enrollment: 3 to 8 students
    • Prerequisite: Skill Builder Workshop: Tapers or a Tapers/ Hook Sampler Class. If you have questions, please contact us at 
    • All materials and safety equipment included
    • Complimentary coffee available and vending machines
    Current Workshop Schedule:
    • October 2017 Session: Intro to Blades: Oct. 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12 (8am-1pm each session)
    • Next Session TBD

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