Hours for retail / walk-in: 12:00N-6:00pm Monday - Friday, CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday

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Availability is updated every 24 hours and is subject to change based on private classes and events! Always check the calendar or give us a call at 585-349-7110 before attending!

Open Smithy Eligibility:  To qualify for Open Smithy rental, you will need to schedule a time to complete both a written and practical test to ensure knowledge of how the equipment operates.  We have a variety of equipment so you will need to be approved for anything you wish to use.   Contact our Blacksmithing Director at blacksmithing@rocafc.com for questions and scheduling.

Studio Rental: Open Smithy:

Standard Hours: 9:30am-4:30pm (Monday through Thursday); Evening 5pm-9pm and Weekend hours vary (see calendar below). 

Practice the skills you’ve learned in class, finish your latest honey-do project, or start something new without spending time or money on setting up your own shop. Our studios are fully equipped with everything you’ll need to complete your project.  

Arc + Flame offers routine day-time studio rental for blacksmithing and bladesmithing. To ensure availability, we recommend you contact us one business day in advance to reserve a seat! Otherwise, space is limited to 10 stations! NOTE: Open Smithy time is monitored but not instructional!


Open Smithy Information:

Specifically, for the experienced blacksmiths/bladesmiths, our state-of-the-art studio sets a high standard for your best experience in making your metalwork. Our shop is well heated in the winter and ventilated in the summer.  You’ll never run out of fuel and will be continually inspired by the artwork and reference materials surrounding you everywhere you turn in our purpose built, brand new, 10,000+ sqft building. The only thing you'll need to provide is your own materials and consumables though we've got a small selection of steel, copper and consumables, such as grinding belts, available for sale! 

Open Smithy Guidelines:

  • Respect for safety, the staff, the facility and equipment is mandatory. You will only have access to the equipment associated with the area you have signed up for and only for equipment for which you have been approved.
  • Any call for a stop of work must be followed immediately and safety concerns must be addressed.
  • Any damage to the facility or equipment must be reported immediately, we understand accidents happen and equipment breaks down but we cannot fix it unless we know about it.
  • Rental fees do not include any materials. Rochester Arc + Flame has some materials for sale but check with staff before arriving to ensure we have what you want.
  • The Rochester Arc + Flame retains the right to revoke studio access for any reason and will prorate paid rental, less a $50 processing fee. Rental fees will not be pro-rated or refunded for any other reason.

Open Smithy Eligibility Summary:

  • You must register and prepay for Open Smithy Rental. This can be done over the phone or in person during our regular business hours of 9am-5pm.  Our staff will then record your hours in our Open Smithy binder.
  • You must take the written test and speak with a Rochester Arc + Flame Blacksmithing Instructor to determine your skill level and what equipment you will be approved to use. These procedures are to ensure your safety, safety of others in the shop, safety of the facility and the equipment.
  • You may only sign up for an area in which you have previously taken a class. If you have not taken a class in the area, but are qualified from taking a class elsewhere, you must still get approval from the Blacksmithing Director before renting Open Smithy time.


Blacksmithing/Bladesmithing:  $12 per hour, $95 for ten hours or $275 for one-month unlimited*

Occasionally classes do not fill so there maybe space available during those times for a reduced rate provided you respect and understand that the class and the student’s needs take precedence.

Private classes during the morning and night for blacksmithing, bladesmithing or coppersmithing are also available for $70 per hour for each student. Please contact us at experience@rocafc.com for more information.

      NOTE: Availability is updated every 24 hours and is subject to change based on private classes and events! Always check the calendar or give us a call before attending.

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