NOTE: Students must be AT LEAST 16-years of age to attend class unless otherwise noted (ie: Fusing Tike, Teen and Creative Kids Classes) OR approval from Department Director.

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Glass Flameworking: Beads (Soft Glass):

Glass Flameworking: Beads Sampler: $80: (3 Hour Class)

  • Saturday, May 15th (9am-12N)
  • Saturday, July 17th (9am-12N)
  • Saturday, August 21st (9am-12N)
  • Saturday, September 18th (9am-12N)
  • Saturday, October 16th (9am-12N)
  • Saturday, November 20th (9am-12N)

Glass Flameworking: Beads Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Saturday Class)

  • Next Session TBA

Glass Flameworking: Beads Workshop | Level 2: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

  • Next Session TBA

NEW Glass Flameworking: 2-Week Beads Night Course | Level 1a: $180: (4 Session Evening Class)

  • Next Session TBD

NEW Glass Flameworking: 2-Week Beads Night Course | Level 1b: $180: (4 Session Evening Class) (Continuation of Level 1a Course)

  • Next Session TBD

      Glass Flameworking: Beads Specialty Classes: $75-$150

      • More Classes Coming Soon


            Glass Flameworking: Sculpture (Boro Glass): 

              Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Sampler: $80 (3 Hour Class)

              • Saturday, June 5th  (9am-12N)

                Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Workshop: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

                • Saturday, June 12th (10am-6pm)

                Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Workshop | Level 2: $165: (8 Hour Weekend Class)

                • Saturday, June 19th (10am-6pm)

                  Glass Flameworking: Couple’s Date Night: $180: (4 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-11pm) 

                  • Saturday, June 5th  (2:00pm-6:00pm)**AFTERNOON session

                    Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Night Course | Level 1: $325: (8 Session Evening Class)

                    • Next Session TBD

                    Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Night Course | Level 2: $350: (8 Session Evening Class)

                    • June 2020 Session: June 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23 (6pm-9pm, Mon, Wed. & Fri.) 

                    Glass Flameworking: Sculpture Specialty Classes

                    • Next Session TBD


                        Glass Fusing:

                        Glass Fusing Creative Kids Workshop: $45: (2 Hour Morning Class)

                        • Saturday, June 5th: Confetti Plate (10am-12N)
                        • Saturday, August 21st: Stacked Mosaic (10am-12N)
                        • Saturday, October 16th: Sun Catcher (10am-12N)

                          Glass Fusing Sampler: $90: (3 Hour Class)

                          • Saturday, May 15th: Sushi Plate (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, May 15th: Black & White (6pm-9pm)
                          • Saturday, June 5th: Paver Plate (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, June 5th: Quilt Square Plate (6pm-9pm)
                          • Saturday, July 17th: Quilt Square Plate (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, July 17th: Paver Plate (6pm-9pm)
                          • Saturday, August 21st: Black & White (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, August 21st: Ice Bowl (6pm-9pm)
                          • Saturday, September 18th: Retro Plate (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, September 18th: Stacked Mosaic (6pm-9pm)
                          • Saturday, October 16th: Haunted House (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, October 16th: Halloween Plate (6pm-9pm)
                          • Saturday, November 20th: Christmas Ornaments OR Plate (1pm-4pm)
                          • Saturday, November 20th: Christmas Ornaments OR Plate (6pm-9pm)

                            Glass Fusing Couples Date Night: $180: (3 Hour Evening Class for a Couple) (7pm-10pm)

                            • Friday, May 14th: Sushi Plate (7pm-10pm)
                            • Friday, June 4th: Paver Plate (7pm-10pm)
                            • Friday, July 16th: Quilt Square Plate (7pm-10pm)
                            • Friday, August 20th: Black & White (7pm-10pm)
                            • Friday, September 17th: Stacked Mosaic (7pm-10pm)
                            • Friday, October 15th: Halloween Plate (7pm-10pm)
                            • Friday, November 19th: Christmas Ornaments OR Plate (7pm-10pm)
                            Glass Fusing Specialty: $90: (3 Hour Class)
                            • Next Session TBA