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Arc + Flame runs classes on specific dates/times and you must signup by paying for the class in advance of the start date. Once you have paid for the class, you will be added to the class roster. Registration can be done online, in-person or over the phone. There is a maximum capacity for each particular class and signup is on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Students must be at least 14-years of age to attend class unless otherwise noted (Tike, Teen and Creative Kids Classes). Any student under the age of 18 must print this waiver (CLICK HERE) and have a parent or guardian complete the waiver. The student must submit the completed waiver to their instructor on the first day of class. NOTE FOR BLACKSMITHING: Students under the age of 16 MUST contact Arc + Flame Blacksmithing Director (Candace Martens) for an evaluation prior to enrolling in a smithing class. Candace can be reached at or 585-617-9644. 

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Arc + Flame offers a variety of class formats to suit your availability, learning style and budget. There are variations for each class's course type, but the general outline is as follows:

  • Sampler ($75-$100): 2-3 Hour introduction to a particular class, times vary based on class
  • Workshop ($150-$200): 8 Hour class session on a Saturday or Sunday typically from 8:00am-4:00pm
  • Multi-Day Workshop ($150-$500): A series of weekend classes for comprehensive learning
  • Night Course ($150-$500): Weekly classes for comprehensive learning, typically 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Date Night ($175): Couple's session typically 7:00pm-11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Professional Training: Qualification and career programs for tradespeople
  • Studio Rental: Open class time for independent practice


The following explanations are designed to give you an idea of what each class is about along with what a student can expect to make.

Welding:  Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins metal together through fusion. Welding is not only a prominent career choice, but a useful skill for hobbyists and artists.

  • MIG Welding: Also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Wire Feed Welding, MIG is a versatile welding process that is relatively easy to learn. A MIG system includes a constant voltage welding power source, a wire feeder, torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and welding wire. 
  • MIG is typically the process we recommend for those who have never welded before. It’s great for welding steel and the equipment is relatively inexpensive. MIG Welding classes at Arc + Flame come in the form of an 8-Hour Workshop and a 30-Hour Night Course.
  • TIG Welding: Also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or "Heli-Arc" Welding, TIG is a welding process that utilizes a non-consumable Tungsten electrode to create an electric arc. Although usually more difficult to master than MIG welding, TIG is capable of precise, high quality welds. A TIG system includes a constant current welding power source (AC output for aluminum and magnesium, DC output for most other metals), torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and ground cable.
  • TIG is the ideal welding application for exotic metals (aluminum, stainless, titanium) and thin sheet metal and tubing. TIG Welding classes at Arc + Flame come in the form of an 8-Hour Workshop and a 30-Hour Night Course.
  • Stick Welding: Also known as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Stick welding is an electric arc process that uses a consumable flux-coated rod as the electrode and the filler metal. Required equipment is a constant-current welding power source, electrode cable with electrode holder, and ground cable with ground clamp.
  • Stick welding is versatile because it doesn’t require a shielding gass. Common uses for Stick welding include construction, agriculture, bridge and structural repair and equipment repair. Stick Welding classes at Arc + Flame come in the form of an 8-Hour Workshop and 24-Hour Night Course.

    Glass: We have glass flameworking, glass fusing and glassblowing classes available:

    FLAMEWORKING is a type of glasswork where a torch is used to melt glass rods. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements. There are two main types of flameworking glass (Boro and Soft). In both cases, the student sits at a table and uses their torch and glass rods to make art. The two types of glass rod (boro and soft) lend themselves to making different types of projects (see below) based on their COE (coefficient of expansion). 

    FUSING involves cutting and arranging flat pieces of cold, colored glass into a pattern or design. From here, the project is put in a kiln where the glass is fused together as one piece. The piece can then be slumped over a mold to make objects such as plates, bowls, picture frames, sushi plates, etc. etc.

    GLASSBLOWING is a glass forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blow pipe or blow tube. Students will work in our NEW Glass Hot Shop to create solid objects made of glass such as a paperweight.

    • Fusing: Great for people who want to make a practical finished project or have aversion to working directly with fire. Fusing glass classes at Arc + Flame cone in the form of a 2-Hour Sampler, Specialty, Kid's Classes and Date Night.

    Smithing: A metalsmith is a craftsperson that creates useful items out of various metals. Smithing is one of the oldest metalworking occupations. Shaping metal with a hammer (forging) is the most prominent component of smithing. Often the hammering is done while the metal is hot, having been heated in a forge.

    • Blacksmithing: Create objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Arc + Flame uses both gas and coal forges for blacksmithing. Keep in mind, blacksmithing classes are physically demanding and also hot in temperature! Blacksmithing classes at Arc + Flame come in the form of a 3-Hour Sampler, Workshops, Night Courses and a Date Night.
    • Coppersmithing: Create objects from copper by forging the metal, using tools to hammer, bend and cut. Copper is generally considered to be a soft metal, meaning it can be worked without heating. Coppersmithing classes at Arc + Flame come in the form of Samplers, Workshops, Night Courses and a Date Night.
    • Bladesmithing: Create knives/swords from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Bladesmithing classes at Arc + Flame come in the form of a Multi-Session Workshop and Night Course.


    • Metalsmithing: Shaping and hammering metal to create jewelry. Projects can include bracelets, earrings and rings. Metalsmithing classes can be viewed by clicking here.
    • Enameling: Create jewelry made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing. The powder melts, flows and then hardens to a smooth, durable coating on metal. Enameling classes can be viewed by clicking here.
    • Chainmail: Create jewelry by linking small metal rings together in a pattern. Chainmail classes can be viewed by clicking here.