Blacksmithing 5-Day Workshop

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ATTENTION: Students must be AT LEAST 16-years of age to attend any recreational class at our facility.

If you have a question about the facility or registering for a class, please call Arc + Flame directly at 585-349-7110.

Safety is our number one concern at Rochester Arc + Flame Center. Please contact us at 585-349-7110 before registering for classes., If you have any concerns pertaining to your hearing, vision, hand dexterity, or mental health, or any other disability that would impact your ability to participate in class.

Students are required to wear boots or sneakers that cover their whole foot, jeans or long pants that cover your whole leg & ankle, and a t-shirt that covers their shoudlers.

Please do not wear flammable materials such as Nylon or Synthetics.

Please do not wear sandals, crocks, open toed shoes, shorts, or dresses.

For the safety of our students and teachers, failure to comply may result in being unable to participate in the class. 

Blacksmithing 5-Day Workshop


5-Day Intensive: Fundamentals of Blacksmithing:  In this 5-day workshop, students will learn and practice fundamentals of coal and gas fire management, tapering, tool making, scrolling, punching and riveting. 

This class is not a project based class, so while you may leave with your samples you may not end up with a completed project. The focus of this class is on building forging skills. Students may work on personal projects utilizing the covered skills at the end of the class. (Open to all skill levels)

Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals aspects of blacksmithing
  • Proper orientation of coal and gas forges
  • Learning about different hammer blows and how to use them efficiently
  • Tapering and material isolation
  • Scrolling and bending
  • and many more.